EYTYS: Swedish Streetwear Takes Over

I first heard about Eytys about a year ago when my Swedish friend dragged me along an hour long drive to peruse the Eytys x H&M collab. Seeing a collection of unisex chunky shoes and apparel; I could only think one thing – does everyone in Sweden have this good a fashion sense?

The name ‘Eytys’ was picked because the two co-founders, Jonathan Hirschfield and Max Schiller, were born in the 80s and spelled with Y’s because they are of Generation Y (Millennials). Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the brand basically became famous overnight in 2013 with their signature chunky platform shoes; a trend that never really seemed to die after all of these years. They soon went from a shoe company to introducing ready-to-wear collections complete with denim, outerwear, and graphic tees.

Coming from a former Acne Studios director and businessman, Eytys combines quality and comfort with the burgeoning versatility of unisex apparel. Inspired by 90s streetwear, the designs feature straight-forward and functional elements. The natural allure of their pieces makes versatile apparel sexy yet structured.

You can shop Eytys at any online luxury fashion retail platform such as Farfetch or SSENSE, or at their official website.

FW20 Wardrobe Picks:

Explore Eyty’s upcoming Fall/Winter 2020 collection. First drops starting June 2020.

For more things fashion, head over to: http://greatnonsense.com/category/fashion/.

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