6 Fast Fashion Sites Better Than Fashion Nova

The etailer giant whom basically coined the term “fast fashion”… You know who. Granted, one could never hate on such a huge player in the game. Rising to household name status in just 10 years, this brand shaped influencer fashion and is now promoted by all of your favorite celebrities; in instagram stories to song lyrics. Still, putting the huge selection and cheap prices aside, we are all familiar with one important factor. The quality isn’t… the best. It’s actually pretty laughable. Precisely for this reason, here’s six stores that are better than Fashion Nova. Low prices, variety, AND good quality all included.

1. Superdown

This brand is a subsidiary of Revolve, meaning it’s bound to have affordable yet trendy pieces. They put out a collection with Draya Michelle summer of 2019, which was basically their start to the small – yet, deserving – notoriety they’ve acquired. Their style is pretty heavily focused on going out clothes, with a large selection of cute tops and dresses; plus every other option of clothing type under the moon, as fast fashion brands do.

2. Missguided

This British label never misses. They basically run the UK but if you live in America, you get the benefit of never ending discount codes and site-wide sales. With a huge selection of every type of clothing, you can find affordable yet decent quality pieces for any occasion.

missguided layout

3. Adika

Adika is a fast fashion streetwear shop with super cute clothing and consistent sales. Their style is a little bit more defined than other fast fashion brands, as they focus on streetwear style with heavy graphics and prints. Definitely something you’ve been looking for.

adika layout - fast fashion sites better than fashion nova

4. I Saw It First

I Saw It First is another huge British etailer (they sponsored Love Island Season 5/6 wardrobe) with a huge selection and lots of big sales. They have tons of super cute basics and going out pieces that are never lacking in quality. (They even have a section of 1,000 pieces under $13!!)

i saw it first layout

5. Monki

This site is a little less fast fashion and a little more just a site everyone should know about. Monki is a Swedish brand that is huge in Europe and Asia. It’s basically your new one-stop shop for high quality basics with a huge selection to choose from. (Also the diversity in their models is to die for.)

monki | sites better than fashion nova

6. MissPap

MissPap is an online retailer for the sexy beast in all of us. Full of satin and form fitting pieces, this site boasts statement pieces with an affordable price tag. Most of their pieces feature a size range of 2-22. Need I say more?

misspap fast fashion sites better than fashion nova

For more things fashion, head to: http://greatnonsense.com/category/fashion/.

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