High Fidelity

So, I started watching this show. I don’t know if I fell in love with it instantly because of its perfection or because Zoe Kravitz is a perfect human being. It has all of the heartbreak, storyline and creativity you need in a good show. When I watch a show I want to be able to imagine myself in the character’s exact predicaments. High Fidelity does this in an effortless way. 

A perfect marriage of random fire song collections and attention capturing scenes, I was hooked and finished the Hulu season in three days. Then, by chance, I found out the show was based on a movie. Brilliant. But instead of the alluring Zoe Kravitz, the main character was a guy, John Cusack. 

The movie and show were both captivating in the most casual way you could think of. The show is literally about a record store owner recounting his top five heartbreaks. But fair warning, if you watch one you have to watch the other. The character structures are the same, but the details of the storyline diversify. 

Interchangeably, in both mediums, the actors are unarguably perfect. Their stories differ, the TV show offering a modern take on the multifaceted screenplay. Yet the main character, Rob, maintains the same mannerisms, outfits, and uncomfortably authentic fourth wall monologues. 

The best part, you ask?? Lisa Bonet is in the movie her daughter stars in the show.

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    Alyssa Pecoraro
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    The young boys ended up stimulated to read through them and now have unquestionably been having fun with these things.

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