Takeaways of London Fashion Week 2020

London Fashion Week 2020 Xu Zhi

 CG catwalk video of the Xu Zhi AW20 collection premiered during LFW ’20.

London Fashion Week 2020

This past weekend, the British Fashion Council managed to roll out the world’s first digital fashion week. Yes, you read that right. LFW’s site featured digital lookbooks to brand profiles to virtual showrooms. The execution truly proves the fashion industry’s ability to evolve and transform season after season.

2020 has brought unexplainable trials and tribulations to absolutely every industry. The way that the fashion industry, however, has responded just might change it forever. This digital display showed the spectrum of the fashion world and just how many different types of art forms it can take on. The creativity runs endless with brands and artist biographies, conversations about current world issues, catwalk shows, editorials, and short films. One could honestly spend hours exploring the platform and indulging in all of the extras it has to offer.

However, I gave it all for a fantasy. Then, is anybody going to remember me? Finally, if it ends today.

Ahluwalia’s ‘Jalebi’ digital showroom.

In the end

With the easily accessible nature of this fashion week, it’s easy to see the benefits of making this an annual tradition. Of course, it saves a large amount of money with the absence of venues, promotional events, and afterparties. Brands still show to a massive crowd, yet most of the already-online audiences can witness real-time events that would traditionally be exclusive. However, it does take strip some of the intimacy and ‘showcase’ away from the reveal of collections that take months, and sometimes years, to curate.

Nevertheless, this weekend goes to show the growing power of technology in a notoriously physically-driven industry. Collaborations were aplenty, and many designers seized the opportunity to speak on current civil unrest issues. Fashion has always been a mode to bring people together, but now we’re seeing that is just as possible while everyone sits in front of their screens. It is now being referred to as the fashion show that dropped elitist traditions, hopefully a trend that sticks in the future for the other three major fashion weeks.

Explore the 2020 digital London Fashion Week here: https://londonfashionweek.co.uk/.

London Fashion Week 2020

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