Playboi Carti Returns to Civilization with New Song ‘@ MEH’

playboi carti @ meh
Playboi Carti returns with playful new track and visual after nearly two years of silence.

To those of who lost hope… to those of us who spent hours on Soundcloud finding Carti leaks only for them to be removed days later… and to those of us who started to develop animosity towards Jordan himself.. the end has finally come.

Today Jordan Carter, better known as Playboi Carti, dropped a new single and video, entitled ‘@ Meh’; the first song he has released since 2018’s ‘Die Lit’ album.

Produced by Jetsonmade, Neeko Baby, and Deskhop, ‘@ Meh’ encompasses a playful, almost video game-like beat, and paired with Carti’s angelic voice , it transports the listener to a sort of ‘childhood bouncy house’ state of mind.

Being gone for so long, it makes sense that his first record back is an ode to the people who have a lot to say, but do nothing to back it up. He uses his trademark baby voice to dynamically rap about his carelessness when it comes to these type of people, while using as little words as possible. Carti music is definitely an acquired taste; most people sleep on him for his untraditional way of rapping, but in this case, it’s clear he’s just having fun with it – so you should too.

Since his sophomore album, Die Lit, people have been obsessed with Carti’s signature baby voice. Music fanatics have been uncovering the linguistics and reasoning behind it, even dubbing it as a new genre. Everyone wondered if the Atlanta-based rapper would embrace this hype and continue with this style – it seems like this single is our answer.

We will have to wait and see if this single is indicating one of Best in Hip-Hop’s return to the charts. Meanwhile check more things music at:

Playboi Carti ‘@ MEH’.

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