6 of the Most Luxurious Hotels in the World

most luxurious hotels

Ah, the lifestyle of the extremely rich. We hate to see it, but we secretly love to marvel in the unfathomable perks and beautiful accommodations. Spanning over five countries, here is a compilations of six of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

6. Westin Excelsior (Rome, Italy)

Features Empire style furniture, indoor swimming pools styled after Pompeian baths, and is a famous landmark featuring ‘Roman Emperor’ theme. 

Most Expensive Suite: USD$30,000 

5. Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

This mind-blowing hotel property is widely considered one of the most expensive hotels ever built. It offers a white sand beach, marble imported from 13 different countries, 1,000 Swarovski crystal chandeliers, and the notorious ‘bath caviar’. 

Most Expensive Suite: $15,000 

4. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental (Hong Kong)

Intimate luxury doesn’t get better than a hotel with only 98 rooms. This hotel is consistently rated one of the most expensive hotels in Hong Kong, and offers everything from amethyst crystal steam rooms to ultra-contemporary architecture. 

Most Expensive Suite: USD$17,000

3. Hotel Plaza Athénée (Paris, France)

This dream of a stay is within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Even better? You can book a special Instagrammers package, where you’ll get a three-hour photo shoot with a photographer who is a social media expert and exclusive access to iconic parts of the hotel. FIRE.

Most Expensive Suite: USD$27,000

2. Royal Mansour Marrakech (Marrakech, Morocco)

Whewww, chile! This hotel was designed by the King of Morocco himself. Can you tell? Each guest gets their own 3-storied private riad, and they come complete with a butler, roof terrace, and their own plunge pool. 

Most Expensive Suite: $33,000

1. Burj Al Arab (Dubai, UAE)

Other come close, but they can’t compete. Dubbed as the world’s only “seven-star hotel”, it rightfully sits in the ultra-luxurious Dubai. It  features a pillow menu with nine types of pillows for the guest to choose from, 24-carat gold leaf walls and full-sized Hermès amenities in every suite. That’s Hermès amenities. In every. suite.

Suites range: USD$2,000-$15,000/night

Wow, that was fun. Let’s all dream about the day we get to stay in these most luxurious hotels. For more things travel, explore: http://greatnonsense.com/category/travel/.

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