7 Post-COVID Travel Destinations

Traveling After COVID

Traveling after COVID. Here is a travel destination for each of the seven continents, just in case you are anxiously awaiting the excitement of culture shock again – no matter where in the world your plane happens to land.

Cities, states, and countries alike are beginning to open back up again. Due to the events of 2020, many economies around the world are suffering due to the unprecedented absence of tourism. Although we must first practice caution, traveling now is more necessary than ever before. Thinking beyond the typical tourism hotspots, there are gems in every continent that are sure to make you forget that you were once confined to your home for three months.


Lagos, Nigeria

Believed to be the world’s fastest growing city and home to 17.5 million people, Lagos is dubbed as “Africa’s Big Apple”. From authentic open air markets to upscale beach clubs, there are places to see for every kind of traveler. Victoria Island is one of the most exclusive places in Lagos and is home to beach resorts, boutiques, and nightlife. There are also less commercial options like the notable Lekki Conservation Centre, to the 19th-century-prison-turned-park known as Freedom Park.

According to Responsible Travel Guide, the best time to travel to Nigeria is during the Nov-Jan dry season.

Traveling after COVID


Antarctic Cruise

Hold on! Don’t write me off just yet. Yes, it is possible to travel to Antarctica. Yes, not everyone would be down to pay actual money to cruise to the coldest place on earth. BUT, there are cruises that will take the most adventurous of us to Antarctica and back, giving you intimate access to the most remote regions of the planet. Some of the more popular cruise lines are Abercrombie & Kent, Hurtigruten, and Quark Expeditions. And of course, you needn’t worry about the attractions being crowded.

According to the Antarctica Cruise Guide, the best time to visit is during the warmer months of December to February.



Singapore is a city-state located at the bottom of the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia. This ultra-modern hub features beautiful landscapes, enormous man-made architecture, and is home to the world-famous Changi Airport. Although the airport can easily be a vacation in itself, the city offers a plethora of tourist attractions and culturally rich displays. Notorious for being a melting pot of cultures, you can go from exploring the buzzing Little India to indulging in the authenticity at Chinatown. There’s everything from polished amusement parks to huge gardens; both natural, (Singapore Botanic Gardens), and man-made (Gardens By the Bay).

According to Singapore’s official website, although the weather is always warm, April to July prove the driest the months.

Traveling after COVID


Noosa, Australia

Apart from the obvious major tourist destinations of Australia, the scenic area of Noosa lies in the heart of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and is just as worth the trip. A sun-lover’s paradise, you can indulge in everything from annual surfing festivals to water horseback riding. The are multiple breath-taking beaches along the coast, with the relaxing Noosa everglades sprawling across the inner countryside.

According to TravelOnline, the best time of the year to visit is through September to November, as the chance of rain is low but the sunshine is generous.


Split, Croatia

Europe is definitely home to a large majority of the most notable tourist destinations, but there are also many smaller destinations that thrive on tourism. One of them being the beautiful city of Split, essentially a Croatian coastal city built on Roman palace ruins. Treat your post-pandemic self with relaxation on the beautiful Croatian beaches or by exploring some of the ancient Roman sites, like Diocletian’s Palace or the Old Town. If you seek more traditional European vacation views, you can visit the Klis Fortress or the neighboring hills that overlook the city.

Total Croatia News says the best time to visit Croatia is April to November, when most island tourism businesses are open.

Traveling after COVID

North America

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Four months after the outbreak, the US still reports high numbers of new COVID cases daily. So, meet Canada, the tropical-lover’s nightmare and the nature-lover’s dream. Consider visiting Vancouver, where you can take the beautiful Sea-To-Sky Highway route, rated as one of the most beautiful drives in the world, or explore the culturally diverse downtown, with upscale markets at Granville Island, and picture-worthy views within the huge Stanley Park.

According Vancouver’s Tourism site, as the city has defined seasons, when to visit is dependent on which outdoor activities you want to do while visiting.

Traveling after COVID

South America

Lima, Peru

While most travel to Cusco for the world-famous Macchu Picchu, there is actually much to explore in the bustling coastal capital of Peru. Lima is made up of 49 districts meaning there is diverse places to explore for every type of traveller. Lined with beaches, the sunny coast features picturesque scenery and accommodations options that give you an oceanfront view. From seaside shopping malls (Larcomar) to a plethora of authentic heritage sites to admire, (Plaza de Armas), Lima offers a dynamic vacation if you want yourself a little taste of South America.

U.S. News Travel states the best time to visit Lima is during the warm summer months of December to April.

Traveling after COVID

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