Why Palm Angels SS20 Drop is Legendary

We all know Palm Angels for their legendary take on tracksuits. However, premiered at Milan Fashion Week, and now available at select retailers, Palm Angels SS20 drop is as revolutionary as it is enjoyable to look at. Full of floral patterns, butterfly motifs, and playful graphics, it can be seen as an ode to the creative rebel in all of us; coming from a traditionally sophisticated brand.

While the women’s collection features an abundance of teddy bear and tie dye implementations; the men’s collections is packed full of heavy graphics and eye-catching logo prints.

Due to the strong reputation and continued innovative collections, Palm Angels is on the expensive side; but sites like the online marketplace, Farfetch, offer discounted prices.

Palm Angels SS20 Collection Favorites

turn up turn turn up turn up turn up to the max i gave it all for a fantasy, is anybody gonna remember me? If I tonight I doubt the world would change – I just hope they don’t forget my name. This is game rules, I can’t lose; if I still had it all would I still be cool? Spent like: ten thousand, twenty thousand, thirty thousand, forty thousand… How much ima spend profiling? She come in and compliment my closet. Bleep her on the floor like I don’t give a bleep about it. Your judgement gets cloudy when you’re clouded. My opposition wish I’d stop smiling – My family wish I’d stop wiling. I’m still on the east side SMOKING with my OG’s… Cause they the only ones that really know me !

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